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Allure – Sexy Remixes

Allure Remixes SexIts another wednesday night in desperate need of disco pleasure…

Allure is the alias for frenchman Lorris Piasco who has made some amazingly sexy tunes. It’s quite possible i got a crush on remixes, its something about the manipulation of one thing to another that has the potential to be made beautiful, and this shit is fucking gorgeous!

Well Allure has made some really sexy remixes of some of the sexiest songs already out their like l’amour et la violence by sebastian tellier & Remember the time by Michael jackson. Really it feels wrong to talk about it, you need to experience it, preferably under the sheets.

Actually Allure has recently dropped a funky album named French Kiss which is definitely worth checking out, but before you do. Enjoy this shit right here!

Allure – Remixes

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